TWiT can be found at
TWiT can be found at

UPDATE 6: As of 27/5, TWiT CEO Lisa Laporte has confirmed to The Daily Influx that the network’s plans as stated in this article will change. In addition, Leo Laporte has confirmed that the live stream is going nowhere. See this article for all future updates on this story as it develops.

Leo Laporte today announced that the TWiT chatroom ( will shut down on Monday, June 1st. Laporte also announced that behind the scenes streaming of shows will close on the same date. “The trolls win”, he said. See below for the full transcript of the announcement.

Update: TWiT will become more like a traditional TV network, with the produced and edited shows scheduled to air at a specific time. So right now you may tune in to watch TNT at 10AM, now it could be scheduled for around 12PM and air completely edited and produced just like a real TV network. We don’t yet know how this will affect live coverage of events such as WWDC. Please leave a comment below with your thoughts, as we’d love to hear them!

Update 2: Leo Laporte just confirmed that live events such as Google I/O and WWDC will not be affected, and breaking news will operate as normal, the same way it always has. Laporte also said the stream schedule will be re-adjusted, and a new schedule will likely be published June 1st. According to him, adding four or five hours to the present recording time gives a rough indication of the new time.

Update 3: Leo Laporte just confirmed that TWiT’s annual New Year’s celebration will not take place any more.

Update 4: We now have a transcript of what Leo said during the initial announcement. See below:

“Chatroom I have some very bad news for you, so brace yourself. Maybe I’ll save this for later, we’re gonna shut the chat room down. One week from yesterday. This is part of the new website launch which is June 1st, the reason I’m telling you now is I want to give you all a chance to create your own community somewhere else. An unofficial community. Most of the hosts, we’ve asked the hosts this week as an experiment – to see how it works – to not look at chat. We’re turning chat off in the studio. But I did want to give you some heads up so you can create your own communities. We’re going to look at ways that we could perhaps do an invite only chat but what’s happened is unfortunately the trolls have just gotten so out of control. What you don’t see is the behind the scenes battle the mods fight – pretty much constantly. It’s sad to me because I feel like what we do behind the scenes, the live interaction is so important – what we’re doing right now is so important to what we do. But not to the point where it becomes a problem for my family or our employees or our hosts. So, it’s sad. But that’s what we have to do.

We’re also going to eliminate behind the scenes broadcasts of the shows, but we’ll continue the live stream. The live stream will be more like a television station where you’ll get to watch live pre produced shows. It’s sad that a small minority of people make it difficult but unfortunately that’s the case. I love the chat and this impacts the small number of you who use it (laughs). The vast majority of our audience doesn’t watch live nor does the vast majority of our audience participate in chat. It’s only about a few percentages. It’s not the picture to be honest with you, it’s just the fact that our chat mods have been doxxed, it’s just a terrible place. Yeah, the trolls win. Sorry. But that’s what happens.”

– Leo Laporte

Update 5: TWiT CEO Lisa Laporte is expected to make a public announcement later this week. We’ll publish all the details as soon as that happens.

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